Trying to lose weight is a real pain, but trying to maintain weight is even harder. This is probably why some people would resort to any form of diet tricks, no matter how weird, just to stay fit or, for some people, to escape doing exercises. But some people just choose to go bizarre with their choice of food, or make that non-food.



Xylophagia is a condition that involves eating paper, pencils and other things made of wood. If a lot of people have this kind of disorder, illegal logging would be the least of the world’s problem. The good news is cooking would be unnecessary, and firewood would be the entrée and dessert, rather than the source of fire.


Cats are not the only one with hairballs. Some people suffering with tricophagia would also consider human hair to be delish, particularly their own. After pulling their hair out, they proceed to consuming it, usually starting at the roots. In extreme cases, some sufferers eat the hair of other people. One of the most extreme cases of tricophagia that was reported happened in 2007, when a teenage girl had a 10-pound hairball in her stomach.


If everyone in the world eats dirt, the world would be a cleaner place. No, not really. In fact, people with geophagy will have health problems after eating clay, soil-like substrates or even chalk. But it is not all that bad, apparently. According to an article in Science Digest, victims of paraquat poisoning, must promptly swallow dirt to deactivate the potent weed killer. Then again, this is in emergency cases. Some people, however, do make a meal out of dirt.


Other weird stuff that some individuals find delectable includes glass, urine, human flesh, one’s flesh and poop. The last one is definitely worth discussing, if you can stand the stench of it.

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