We want to give you some weird and interesting facts about online custom writing services. Knowing how to make a good post on the Internet is the true key to web positioning. Here are some aspects that not everybody knows about or applies that will undoubtedly be very useful.

SEO Plays an Important Role in Writing Structure

First let’s talk about the structure. There can be infinite reasons for you to write it, but you must have a clear minimum structure of a post to position well that you must follow.  Whether it is for a professional blog, personal or even for more scientific articles, there are a series of guidelines to take into account to structure the writing. Those are:

Eye-catching headline

As with any wording, it is clear that you will need a striking headline. Something that generates that interest, that hooks your audience. It should not be too long and if it is not flashy, make your audience identify with it. Sometimes content is shared without reading it completely.

Summary with hook

In the first paragraph, even if it’s just the first lines, the readers have to know what they are going to find. What advantages they will have if they keep reading the post, because their time is money. So it raises the benefits of investing your minutes in reading.

Original introduction

To surprise visitors, what many custom writing services do is throw questions early on to keep them keep them reading. If you do not get your readers to reach the content, you will be losing a lot of audience. And it would be a shame if the content is of quality but you have not managed to cause an impact at the beginning.

Organized body of the post

If you can get readers to get to this part, you will have caught their attention. Make them stay for the quality of your content. Work it out and design an organized body in the post. And we do not only refer to when creating the content. Organization of ideas comes before everything. If a word scheme helps, custom writing services always do that first.

Close with a call to action

As important as attracting attention is also a calling to action. It leaves a good taste to the reader with an original closure that motivates them to follow you in some way. Think that you have written the post for some reason: he has invested his time in reading it and you have invested your time in writing for them. Now that both of you are on the same point, invite them to one more advantage: subscription, free download, follow-up, offering the quality services they need. The call to action at this point will also be fundamental to close a good structure of a post and custom writing services never pass up this.

Use of appropriate language for the audience

When tasked with writing something, the writers of the custom service will usually ask who it’s for. Even for the writing of a simple text or something more specific. Does the audience understand your technical language? Or is the post you’re looking for for all audiences? Speaking the language of your audience is the key. You write for them, so you need to think like them. Make sure they understand the technicalities or that you do not generate rejection if you address them informally.

Addition of visually appealing information

It is not a banal question when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That the visitor does not see only text is a good way to breathe as he reads. It can even serve as a hook or to clarify part of the information. Adding images is a great way to compliment the writing but it’s only used when it adds value to the writing, otherwise it can be distracting. Some even try infographics if they think they are appropriate for the subject they are dealing with.

Promote virality

The topic you are discussing may be interesting for your audience, but could it be easy for it to go viral? Think if, when adding content, you can provide an extra bonus that allows you to connect with your audience. Originally, telling a story or empathizing especially with your audience’s experiences. Thus professional custom writing services e.g. AdvancedWriters.com always try to stay up to date with current events in order to incorporate that into their work, making it easier to go viral.