Celebrities are always in the spotlight even in the after-life. While the may have spent their lives in controversy or not, these famous people are still haunted with juicy news even after they have died.

Let us look at some of the strange facts that surfaced after their demise:

Marilyn Monroe

Even five decades after her apparent suicide, blonde actress, Marilyn Monroe still remains controversial up to this day. Despite no one openly shouting foul about her death, there are still questions about what really happened during that fateful night. If the actress really died from overdose, why were there no traces of the pills found in her stomach and why was there no glass or cup in the room? Rumors have surfaced that she was intentionally killed because she knew too much and that she suffered this fate because she was involved with two powerful Kennedys, John and Bobby. Was this the reason why the police were informed around 4:30 am, hours after Marilyn was found naked on her bed? Perhaps, the person who knew what really happened was her housekeeper Eunice Murray but she is not alive today to confirm or deny the rumors.


Brittany Murphy

When the actress died at a young age of 32 in 2009, it was said that her death resulted from multiple drug intoxication, pneumonia and anemia. Five months later, her husband also died in the same house. This has added fuel to the fire and her father, Angelo Bertolotti, requested for a separate toxicology test. The reason behind this was the fact that her daughter openly supported a whistle blower in the Department of Homeland Security. Was her death accidental or incidental?


Kurt Cobain

It was an open book that this Nirvana front man fought with depression and drug dependence in his lifetime. So it was not really surprising when Cobain was found dead in 1994 with a shotgun and a suicide note as well as heroin in his blood. But people found it odd that investigators did not find his fingerprints on the gun. Moreover, it was weird that he was able to pull the trigger considering the amount of heroin found in his blood.