When the stakes are high final table finishes of competitions big and small, can take a turn for the weird. Today we’re looking at some of the weirdest final table finishes seen in the World Series of Poker

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Millionaire for a minute

The final table at the 2016 World Series of Poker Colossus saw Czech player, Jiri Horak taking on US player, Ben Keeline. What was at stake? A $1 million prize pot. As the tense crowd waited with baited breath, the last card is turned to reveal Keeline as the winner. By this stage, Horak has already been bombarded by his friends in the crowd (nearly breaking his neck in the process!). When he managed to escape their embrace to check they were right, he instantly saw he had lost out to his opponent – who was also celebrating! The pair spent six days battling for the million-dollar prize pot, defeating more than 21,000 opponents, and spending over three hours taking on each other head-to-head. While it must have been a sad moment, don’t feel too bad for Horak – he still took home a rather handsome, $618,000.

Guilty as sin

Neil Channing, former Irish Open champion, recalled an amusing story from the World Series of Poker…
“I was in a one table satellite. A guy was getting a penalty from the floor. He went mad and was massively abusive. The floor man said if he didn’t calm down, he would be disqualified. This made the man even angrier.
He then was told if he didn’t calm down he would be barred from the Rio. Security were called, and a crowd gathered, but it was late at night, and less than 30 people were still around.
Then suddenly he changed and went all meek and mild. He accepted the decision and said he’d leave quietly. It was a pretty sudden transformation.
He walked away…then somebody noticed he’d stolen the $1,800 in last longer bets and was chased up the hallway. Fortunately, he was caught by the door.”

Anunlikely winner

Vietnamese player, Christian Pham, would have been surprised as any when he won the WSOP Event #23, which was a $1,500 buy-in, 2-7 Lowball tournament. Why? Because he registered by mistake and apparently didn’t even know the rules! He was used to playing No-Limit Hold’em and didn’t realise until the cards were being dealt that he had no idea how to play. They’d started dealing, so he had no choice but to try his best – and his best saw him secure the top prize!


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