For many, videogames are the eighth art. They can be so creative and unique, because they mix cinematographic elements, music, performance and script for a complete work. There are examples that support this theory and then there are also others that prove video games can be really, really bizarre!

These last ones are those video games that had to be published by some signed contract, that tried to take advantage of some temporary fashion, that were developed in a very short time or simply there was not enough talent behind them. Here is a list of the strangest video games.

Kool Aid Man – Mattel (1983)

The video game industry is no stranger to sponsored products. Kool Aid Man is one of its coarsest exponents. The protagonist is the mascot of the homonymous drink, which had its adventure in the old Atari 2600.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead slot game is quite unusual as you work towards spinning the slots to match the different figures from ancient Egypt and win money. It was inspired by ancient Egyptian funerary texts. The game falls under the category of 10-payline video slot. The main character is called Rich Wild and his adventures are the main plot of the game. The rules and gameplay go as follows:

You choose which lines to bet on. There are 10 lines and 5 reels. You wager by setting coins on them. Then all you have to do is spin. The goal as with all slot games is to get a winning combination after the spin. Do you think you have what it takes to challenge this weird but addicting game and lead you and Rich Wild towards the riches of Ancient Egypt with the help of the book of dead?

Bible Adventures – Wisdom Tree (1991)

Bible Adventures might well be the favourite game of Rod and Tod Flanders. The formula was to copy the game system of Mario Bros 2, introduce passages of the Old Testament and repeat the same levels. That was enough to sell 350,000 copies in Christian libraries.

Shaq fu – Delphine Softwar (1995)

It was the mid 90’s, the 16 bits were in their splendour, as was the popularity of former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. Of course, he had to have a game where he was the protagonist. The premise of the game? Shaq was meant to save a child from a mummy within an alternate dimension. How? With Kung Fu techniques. How could any of this seem bizarre?

Seaman – Yoot Saito (1999)

The failed Sega Dreamcast had its own Tamagotchi. It was necessary to take care of a being of a weird race that looked like a mix between humans and fish. Leonard Nimoy himself put the voice to the story and, despite his questionable aesthetic and a poor script, it was one of the best-selling games in Japan.

Goat Simulator – Coffee Stain (2014)

What started as an internal joke ended up being a game that came true. The premise of Goat Simulator is to control a goat in an open world to do as much damage as possible. Like a Tony Hawk game, but with an animal. It is available for PC.

I am Bread – Bossa Studio (2015)

It is not wrong to have goals in life. For the slice of bread that stars in this video game, the goal is to become toast and then be part of someone’s breakfast.

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