So, you decided to spend the rest of your life with a Ukrainian woman. Quite a responsible step you’re making. The thing is that Slavic women see love different from their Western counterparts. For them, love is the meaning of their lives. In this case, understanding what she expects from the relationship is the first step on your path to happiness. The more attention you give to her, the stronger her feelings for you get. If your soul mate loves you, and you back up the relationship with your care, your union will surely last long.

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But what men’s qualities do women appreciate the most? Maybe it’s their strength and confidence, or even softness and sensitivity? We know five answers to help you finally understand what Ukrainian girls want from their loved ones. You can compare them with Russian girls at if you want.

What Ukrainian women like in relationships

Humor and attention

For most Slavic women, sense of humor is actually an important aspect of a relationship. But a couple of hackneyed jokes won’t make your lady’s heart beat faster. Ukrainian girls like men who treat different situations with humor no matter how tough they are, who don’t take troubles in life to heart and know how to laugh at themselves. A good sense of humor usually shows the person’s intelligent, and that’s what your loved one wants to see in you.

But here’s one thing Ukrainian ladies appreciate more than humor: attention. If the woman has to repeat her question a few times before her partner answers it, or if the man thinks that there’s no need in paying much attention to his girlfriend, such relationships are doomed. Ukrainian women cherish the moments when the man’s attention is drawn to them completely. It’s also important to do something pleasant for nothing. If your girlfriend had to remind you ten times about the anniversary, then the present you give her won’t make her happy.

Don’t forget about small signs of attention: even a simple box of chocolates will tell a lot about your feelings for your soul mate. Make your woman feel that she’s loved and desired, and seeing her eyes shining bright gives you real pleasure.


What else comes to your mind when you think about a strong relationship? Of course, gifts. But you shouldn’t start giving your loved one hundreds of rose bouquets, teddy bears, and movie tickets right away. First, she’ll get tired of them, and second, you can spoil her. When it comes to gifts, you need to be original. Try to please your lady by going to a concert of her favorite band, going out to dinner in an expensive restaurant, or inviting her to some quiet but romantic place. You have a million options!

If you want to find out what exactly your Ukrainian woman likes, then try to ask her directly or just keep an eye on her. Ukrainian women are emotional, and you should use this. They often comment on all the events that happen around them. Listen to what she says. If you know her friends, ask them how you can surprise her.

Intimacy and compliments

This, perhaps, is the two most important aspects of the relationship with a Ukrainian girl. All women pay a lot of attention to intimate relationships. If you want to become a perfect lover for your partner, you should learn her temperament, because every woman prefers different roles in bed. All Slavic ladies love tactile sensations: soft touches, light massage, kisses in the neck, and so on. Some want to submit to their partner’s strength while others, on the other hand, want more freedom. Everything depends not only on your woman’s nature but also on dozens of other factors. The main thing is to be gentle, and the girl will either show you what she wants or let you take the initiative. Stay original. There is nothing more arousing than diversity.

Ukrainian women like compliments. Don’t bother your girlfriend with your problems all the time, as this will only upset her. Keep saying compliments even if they already became a bit monotonous.

Besides, some Ukrainian girls want to hear how unique they are. But you should avoid standard phrases, like “You’re so beautiful today” or “This dress suits you.” Try to come up with your own phrase. For example, tell her that you can’t stop looking into her shining eyes or that the dress she wears emphasizes that cute birthmark on her shoulder, things like that. Point out features only she has. Feeling that she’s unique, your girlfriend will see your uniqueness, too.

Their partners’ manners

This is the choice of women from 35 to 44. A Ukrainian lady appreciates pleasant manners and appealing smile of her partner. At this age, Ukrainian women are already considered mature, so they begin thinking about spending pleasant time together with their life partners more often. For them, manners mean the ability to control oneself and persuade others to accept one’s point of view. And, of course, any Ukrainian woman likes men who are ready to care for her and treat her with understanding.

Trust and respect

Trust is one of the main qualities Ukrainian girls like in relationships. If you want your union to last long, make sure that your loved one is sure about you. If the girl puts her companion’s honesty into doubt, it will be hard to win her trust back once again. For most women, trust between partners is important because it’s the foundation of all the joint plans and dreams.

Apart from the trust, Ukrainian women also value respectful attitude towards them. If the man treats his soul mate with respect, she will always appreciate it. Too lenient attitude is what can make your relationship fall apart. The more intelligent and wise your lady is, the more she values respect. Want to keep your loved one from breaking up with you? Then behave appropriately.

Sum up

In other words, Ukrainian women just love men. They love them as they are: sensitive and understanding, generous and successful, courageous and strong, and above all, loving.

But the list of qualities is even bigger. You must also be confident, determined, and purposeful. Some Slavic girls are too hesitant because of their sensitivity. They need someone who can control that excessive sensitivity and make right decisions at the right time.

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