Hail to poop!

You probably never thought the day will come when you pay homage to fecal matter, but it did. In certain parts of the world and certainly in the field of science, human waste has been on the spotlight for years. Urine is used to power a generator, while poop is turned into compost. But because you won’t normally think of doing anything with poop except to flush it down the toilet, you might not think much of it. Well, the time has come for you to consider the vital role it plays in sustainability.

Enter the Bio-Bus.


This bus that is used to ferry people from the airport to the city center of Bath is fueled entirely of feces. One tank of gas is equivalent to five people’s annual waste. Since the bus can travel up to 186 miles with this much fuel, imagine how much poop is needed if the driver wants to take the mileage up a notch.

The biomethane gas from human feces has proven to be a renewable and sustainable alternative to gasoline or diesel, because it produces fewer emissions. With the need to lower carbon footprint and mitigate climate change, there is definitely a reason to shout out, “Hail to poop”! The feces-fuelled bus will also help improve urban air quality. Yes, nothing stinks even if the source of the gas reeks like crazy. Human waste is treated at the treatment centers in Bristol, before it is used as fuel. It is ironic that one of the dirtiest human excrements could save the world from pollution and further destruction.


If all of the public transportations are fuelled with human waste, and generators are powered by urine, problems like shortage of crappers, especially in rural areas and developing countries will be avoided. With further developments, what starts with the Bio-Bus can change the world.

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