I understand the world requires versatile companies to attack fertile segments; I mean, companies which look for a business opportunity where others haven’t seen it, but now Acer producing hats… honestly, I don’t know what to say about it.

Selfie hat for him and for her

Selfie hat for him and for her

And everything could seem to be a joke but no, it’s not, it’s so real that even several celebrities including Lady Gaga (obviously) is fascinated by the idea. The Selfie-Hat is a creation of Acer jointly with fashion designer Christian-Sanluis Cowan, who will share their creation during the London Fashion Week.

Selfies everywhere

If you take a look, maybe the idea is not so far fetched now that taking self-portraits is so important in the world, and moreover considering that now phone companies are trying to progress in targeting this market, while other companies attempt to be notorious and be partakers of the selfie fashion.

Thus Acer takes advantage of the pull of the Fashion Week and tries to get into a market where it’s difficult to be present in as the fashion one, something similar (but not the same) to what Apple’s trying with its watch or Intel with its MICA bracelet; the fashion market’s a fertile market, where very few businesses, if any, have managed to enter and succeed.

This selfie can't go wrong!

This selfie can’t go wrong!

Anyway, the Selfie-Hat is a bright and shiny pink hat with a tablet hanging out of it, more concretely an Acer Iconia A1-840, and thanks to the hat’s circular design we can rotate it to the best angle and thus we can have several photos in all situations, as the tablet can be scheduled from time to time to take a picture.

Of course this design is a special edition and so far it hasn’t been announced that it’ll be available to the public, but if were in London in the Fashion Week days perhaps you got lucky and saw a celebrity with one of them on the street!

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