Many people decide to change motor oil
themselves. It is a lot easier than taking your car to a shop and paying a lot
of money for someone else to do it. At the end of it, you may be left with a
lot of old motor oil. Whatever you do, you do not want to pour this oil down
the drain or throw it in with the rest of your trash. It needs to be disposed
of properly. No matter where you live in the United States, you can find oil


AutoZone has a lot of cheap
prices on auto parts
. It is also a great store to stop by if you
have used motor oil. AutoZone stores around the country accept motor oil as
well as gear oil, transmission fluid and batteries. These stores take in
millions of gallons of oil every year, which has a significant impact on the
environment. The easiest step to take when recycling is to look up the nearest
AutoZone near you.

Recycling Center

You can also look online to see if there is
a household waste recycling facility near you that takes motor oil. Most of
these places typically pay 40 cents per gallon, and they can often take as much
as five gallons at a time. Before you head over, you should always call ahead
to make sure the facility accepts oil. Different locations accept different
materials with some only taking plastic, metal and glass. Calling ahead saves
you the hassle of driving all the way out there for nothing.

Additionally, the oil cannot be
contaminated with anything else. No recycling center will take oil if it has
been mixed with gasoline, solvents or antifreeze. In the event your oil
accidentally becomes contaminated, then you can ask the manager where you can
properly dispose of it. You can also reach out to your local government
contact, who likely works with the Environmental Health Department or the Waste
Management Department, about what you can do with dirty motor oil.

Change Facility

You may have already changed the oil
yourself, but you may still need to ask yourself, “Where can I get an oil
change near me
?” Many of these centers will allow you to drop off used oil
even if you did not get your oil change there. The mechanics working there
already know all of the nearby places to recycle oil because they have to drop
off plenty of motor oil all the time. Again, make sure you call ahead to make
sure a certain mechanic’s shop actually does accept oil.

Many people do not realize motor oil can be
recycled. It never wears out. It only gets dirty, but that means it can be
recycled time and time again. Oil is a natural resource, and it is good for the
environment for everyone to do their part. You have plenty of options near you
for recycling motor oil, so you really have no excuse. Find a place near you
today if you have motor oil you need to get rid of.