The energy drink, Monster, has become a favorite among many people for quite some time now. But that excludes a woman who has been claiming that this energy booster is the work of Satan. That’s just bizarre, right? But the video of the encounter has now gone viral.


At the start of the video, the woman can be seen showing another woman (not on the video, but her voice can be heard) how the M logo of the Monster energy drink actually stands for 666 — the Devil’s number. This is because, as she explained complete with props, each minim of the M logo stands for vav in Hebrew, which in English means the number six. Christians believe that number six repeated three times is a sign of the Devil. However, you can read from other sites that other people disagree. If the M logo of the Monster drink is read as six hundred and sixty-six, the correct way of writing 666 in Hebrew is entirely different.

The woman in the video also pointed out how the letter O in the Monster logo has a cross through it. She asks, “What has Christ got to do with an energy drink, let alone the name Monster?” She also said that when you turn the drink upside down, you’ll have an inverted cross, which means Satan. And when people drink from the can, the Devil will laugh. She then adds while pointing to the bottom of the can, “B-F-C, at the bottom of the can, do you know what that stands for? It’s the F word. In fact, they write it in the side of the can, so I know that’s the F word.”


The Monster crucifier lady then claimed that the company behind the Monster drinks “is not a Christian company at all.” She then quipped, “Why would they have the cross on the can? Here’s the message: Anti-Christ!”

The woman preacher also mentioned that you see the M logo everywhere, including hats, t-shirts, stickers and the like. This means that the Beast is clever enough to do that. This is how Satan penetrates into a Christian’s life. Then, she made a threatening statement to the other woman she was talking to, “Jesus said my people perish for lack of knowledge.”

If you were there listening to that weird lady, what would you do?

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