Humans are naturally born nurturing to animals. This is why a lot of us keep pets in our homes and love them as if they were our own children. In rare cases though, loving our pets too much can put our lives at risk. Such is the case of a woman who claims her cat licked her eye causing it to go blind.

A woman named Janese Walters in Omaha, Nebraska told a news station how she discovered she had gone blind in her left eye after allegedly being licked by her cat.


Janese told a reporter that when she woke up on the morning of Thanksgiving, she found out she couldn’t see out of her left eye. She said, “I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had pink eye or something.”

Ms. Walters also said that what happened to her confused her doctors for a month. They only somehow figured what went wrong when she mentioned that her cat that licked her. The feline’s saliva allegedly got into her eye, making the doctors diagnose her with cat-scratch disease.

Around 40 percent of cats carry B. henselae, a bacteria that cause that said condition, all throughout their lives. Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control said that when an infected cat bites, scratches or licks a person’s open wound, that’s when the disease takes hold. The CDC added, “The infected area may appear swollen and red with round, raised lesions and can have pus.” Apart from that, the person may also suffer from a headache or develop a fever.


Experts added that the cat-scratch disease is rare, but can cause “serious complications” in the eyes, brain, heart and other internal organs. Young children are the usual victims of this disease, as well as those with weak immune systems. This is why the CDC advises that people should wash their hands thoroughly after playing or holding their pets.

As for Janese Walters, her doctors said she might never be able to see out of her left eye again. But she hopes others will learn from this experience and be more careful around their cats.

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